Everyone knows how important it is to use pure, safe, hygienic water for drinking and cooking for better health and living. Clean water is good for your skin, hair, metabolism and a myriad of other reasons which will always want you to look for options to get the best water purifying system. To enhance the healthy lifestyle of your families it is very important to use clean water for not just consumption or sanitization purposes by it is very interesting to know how a whole house water filter affects your cleaning.


Tap water contains many contaminants such as chlorine that could be very hazardous to health and needs to be filtered out before drinking or using for cooking. Let us check out how the different chemicals present in the water can affect cleaning and the advantages of having a whole house water filter system.

Protects your Clothing

A Whole House Water Filter system is designed to filter water at the source so that right from the time it is out of the filter tap, it can be used for all household chores including laundry, dishwashing etc. It is a known fact that chlorine based water is unhealthy and we should only consume filtered clean water. As clothes can be a medium of absorption for our bodies through skin, it is very essential to use filtered laundry water for our health. This will also help to prolong the good quality of the clothing, protect the colors and elasticity from fading away and the beauty of your clothes. A whole house filter system can be used to address this issue effectively.


Breathe Cleaner Air

Everyone knows that breathing unhealthy air full of contaminants can be detrimental to health. Even in small traces, this kind of polluted air can built up over time causing bigger health issues. A common occurrence could be breathing under a hot shower bath with unfiltered water. Do you know that there are traces harmful being sucked into your lungs daily if you are not using a whole house water filter? The same pollutant is being emitted from your laundry machine and dishwashing equipment too. Since municipal water supply has chlorine in it, we have to stress on removing that chlorine at the source itself before using it for any household chores. This will help to clean the air that we breathe for better quality of life and prevent respiratory disorders.

Prolong the life of your Appliances

The same health concern with unfiltered water can be true while dishwashing. We do not want any chemical traces on our cookware than there already is by using untreated water. The chemicals can build up on the utensils gradually that can be annoying and we mistakenly blame the dishwasher and try to replace it. Well, the culprit is not the dishwasher but the chlorine loaded contaminated unfiltered water that is slowly but steadily damaging the cookware. In fact, by continually using polluted water the dishwasher can be less efficient and may not perform at its best.

The whole house water filter does have the copper zinc based mineral stone filter and a carbon activated element to eliminate chemicals and prolong the life of various household appliances. To take it a notch up, an advanced filtration system can be used to include salt water softener and other variants. So, it is the need of the hour to install a whole house water filter system for better cleaning and quality of life.