6 Reasons to Drink More Water

Water is considered a building block of life and we are regularly told that we need to be drinking more water. Water has many proven benefits beyond simply quenching one’s thirst. In fact, 70% of the human body is water. It makes up 80% of the blood, and over 75% of the brain. Below are the benefits of water;

REASON #1: Aids in weight loss

For those trying to lose weight, they might find drinking water will help them meet their goals. Water helps with weight loss through several ways. For one thing, many people confuse thirst with hunger. Many individuals who drink more water will discover their appetite is not as strong as it was before making eating less easier. Water will also increase one’s metabolism. Not to mention, drinking water as opposed to high-calorie drinks such as soda will cut calories.

REASON #2: Lubrication

Drinking more water can help people with arthritis and other pains find some relief. Water lubricates the cartilage in joints. When the body is not getting the recommended amount of water, the cartilage in joints, which is water-based, thins and cannot protect the joints the way it should. This causes the bones in the joints to run together causing pain.

REASON #3: Assists in Detoxification

Water aids in the process of eliminating and flushing out toxins and bacteria out of the body. This is among the most critical processes the human body does. Detoxification can help the body fight off disease and get rid of chemicals that could over time wear the body down. Even certain types of cancers and many degenerative diseases have been shown to be less common in people who drink the recommended amount of water.

REASON #4: Nourishes the skin

If you have skin problems, water can likely help repair that problem as well. The skin consists of 70% water, and if you do not drink enough of it, you could find that you will have problems with it. Problems include acne and dry skin. Dry skin on its own can cause additional problems, such as eczema, scaling cracking, and infections.

REASON #5: Enhances Mental health

To have the best optimum mental health, water is necessary. The brain is over 75% water, and it has been shown that a person who suffers from chronic dehydration can have neurological problems. The entire nervous system is a series of small waterways. Less water causes those waterways to thicken. The thickening of those waterways is shown to cause of difficulties.

REASON #6: Restore energy

Average person loses nearby 10 glasses of liquid within day (during processes of diaphoresis, respiration, urination and defecation). Even the slightest dehydration can be wrapped by loss of concentration, headaches, irritability and weariness. Water involved in every type of cellular process in your body, and when you’re dehydrated, they all run less efficiently including your metabolism.

Of course, there are many more health benefits proved to be a result of drinking water. Despite all these advantages, it is assumed that 75% of the United States suffer from chronic. Nearly everybody has access to water, now all that has to be done is to drink it.