Eggnog, alcohol, hot chocolate, spiced cider; these are the usual holiday drinks we provide our guests to make them feel festive. Why not try something different? Something that hydrates your guests of all ages and can serve as a decorative table centerpiece? I’m talking about infused water! Infused water has also been known to be called detox water, fruit flavored water, or fruit infused water and has been served in popular day spas and massage parlors across the country for good reason. Because it’s infused with any combination of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, you can create winning flavor combinations with added health benefits such as hydration for full body and brain function, and it has a full flavor with zero calories which can aid in weight loss. During the holidays, it’s an awesome solution to sobering up and quenching your thirst and hunger before dinner is served! Here are some flavors worthy of serving.

Apple, Cinnamon, and Ginger Water

This recipe will refresh you and curb your appetite before dinner. Fill a clear pitcher with ice cold water and add 2 sliced apples. The sweetest apples make the best infused water, so purchase a Fuji apple. Organic is best, but if you buy conventional, just be sure to wash thoroughly and skin it with a peeler before adding it to the water so you don’t infuse the water with pesticides! Add 4-6 cinnamon sticks and 6 very thin slices of ginger root to the water, stir well, and put in the fridge to chill overnight. Before serving, add some ice cubes. If you prefer more flavor, you can add unsweetened apple juice to taste.

Orange and Rosemary Water

Many of the infused water recipes ingredients have benefits even beyond our knowledge, but this is the perfect drink for holiday dinner guests because not only does it have a calming effect on the stomach from the Rosemary, but it’s also the leading antioxidant rich herb that can fight colds and infections, decreasing your risk of having viruses spread from the event. Wash your fresh oranges and rosemary sprigs thoroughly, and slice the oranges into 4 slices each. Place all in a pitcher prior to adding the water, and bruise them with a spoon. After you’ve added cold water, chill for 24 hours before serving. ,

There are many ways you can imagine to dress up the presentation of this healthy drink, in a water dispenser or to show off a special punch bowl or pitcher/glass set you’ve been handed down. You can have multiple infused waters available on the table before dinner is served, or serve one fizzy version and the other, regular. To make a fizzy infused water, just use Seltzer water instead. Club soda and tonic water are not as healthy because of sodium and added sugar, but can be substituted as well.

From all of us at Knoxville Water Treatment, we hope you’ve enjoyed our infused water suggestions and have the safest and merriest holiday season!

1. Candy

Putting candy in the plastic Easter eggs for a hunt or as game prizes is a no-brainer, but to accommodate those with allergies and sensitivities, look for candy options that are gluten-, dairy-, and peanut-free.

2. Temporary Tattoos

Children love temporary tattoos and this filler is a really affordable option that will keep the children occupied for a half hour or hour after the egg hunt is finished. If you are worried about parental consent , use stickers instead!

3. Sponge Capsules

Sponge capsules are capsules the size of pills that when placed in water, expand into shapes. They can be found in packages at the dollar store and will also keep the kids entertained for some time afterward. If you can find Easter shapes, even better. After the hunt, they can apply paint to them and decorate posters to take home using large pieces of paper or posterboard.

4. Toys

Common toys that fit inside the plastic eggs are jewelry, hair accessories, Lego figures, and matchbox cars. Children can trade toys after the hunt if they want to. Band-aids, shoe laces, pencil toppers, erasers, and chapsticks are also functional items that the children will enjoy.

5. Money

The ultimate find in an egg could be money. $1, $5, and $10 are enough to excite the children. You can even make these eggs bigger, or different than the rest (perhaps spotted) so they know that there is something really special about these eggs!