1. Candy

Putting candy in the plastic Easter eggs for a hunt or as game prizes is a no-brainer, but to accommodate those with allergies and sensitivities, look for candy options that are gluten-, dairy-, and peanut-free.

2. Temporary Tattoos

Children love temporary tattoos and this filler is a really affordable option that will keep the children occupied for a half hour or hour after the egg hunt is finished. If you are worried about parental consent , use stickers instead!

3. Sponge Capsules

Sponge capsules are capsules the size of pills that when placed in water, expand into shapes. They can be found in packages at the dollar store and will also keep the kids entertained for some time afterward. If you can find Easter shapes, even better. After the hunt, they can apply paint to them and decorate posters to take home using large pieces of paper or posterboard.

4. Toys

Common toys that fit inside the plastic eggs are jewelry, hair accessories, Lego figures, and matchbox cars. Children can trade toys after the hunt if they want to. Band-aids, shoe laces, pencil toppers, erasers, and chapsticks are also functional items that the children will enjoy.

5. Money

The ultimate find in an egg could be money. $1, $5, and $10 are enough to excite the children. You can even make these eggs bigger, or different than the rest (perhaps spotted) so they know that there is something really special about these eggs!