The most expensive water in the world contains hefty price tags due to their unique water bottle designs, gem use, and water from exotic locales. A strong aspect of these waters also contains the addition of water filters and mineral additions. If you drink these waters, you’ll find it surprising that they each have a unique taste!

5. Expensive Water: Bling H2O

As the cheapest bottle on the list, Bling H20 by Global Premium comes with a hefty $40 dollar price tag. This bottle contains 750 MLS of water that comes from the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. The reason that this water becomes a standout is because of its 9 step distillation that changes the taste. This process includes ozone, ultraviolet, and ceramic filters

4. Expensive Water: Fillico

The Fillico Jewelry Water company has a bottle that reaches $219 for a 750 mm bottled water. As a unique choice, they choose to use a chess motif that includes adding on crystals and diamonds onto their water bottles. For the location of their water, it comes from the “Nunobiki,” which is a famous spring water in Japan. It’s near the Rokko Mountains.

3. Expensive Water: Kona Nigari

This $402 per 750ml bottle contains desalinated water from the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. Due to being a Japanese exclusive product, it’s a hard bottle to obtain in different areas of the world. It’s popular in Japan because it’s said to have many health benefits.

2. Expensive Water: Exousia Gold

This is a $24,000 water bottle infused with anti-stress and anti-aging properties made from pure gold. If you look deeply into the water, you’ll see little gold flecks. As one of the more unique bottles on this list, it’s a difficult water to recreate since their company keeps the distilling process a well-guarded secret.

1. Expensive Water: Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

expensive water

They auctioned off this bottle of water for $60,000 back in 2010. It’s filled with a unique mixture of glacier water from Iceland and natural spring waters from France and the Fiji Islands. They created this unique design based off of Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani’s artwork. The company made the bottle out of 24-karat gold with 5mg of 23 K gold dust.

Bonus Round: Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition

If you’re looking for limited-edition water, the Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition comes at a price tag of $100,000.00. There are only nine bottles in the world and the comes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Mario Padilla Jewelers designed the bottle that contained 14-carat gold, 250 black diamonds, and 600 G/VS white diamonds. You also get free water from the company for a year! It helps the price tag, but I’m not sure by how much.