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Water is a crucial source of life and it needs to be approached as such. In other words, you have to pay attention to the state of your water supply at all times. Contaminated water carry so many different types of threats, and many people still fail to realize how dangerous these threats really are. This is why we at Knoxville Water Treatment aspire to offer the best services in terms of delivering healthy water, because it can save lives.

Our Service to All Valued Clients

The first service we offer is divided between guidance and knowledge. If you don’t know the specific differences between hard and soft water, or if you’re not sure what can be regarded as contaminated water, we’ve got it all covered on our site. But the service doesn’t end there. We are more than happy to answer all your specific questions with a helpful and friendly reply, regardless of how you choose to contact us. Then of course, we offer ways to treat your water and remove the health hazards. This can be done by installing specific systems such as filters and softeners, that continually treat the water you use. We also handle the maintenance of these systems.



We will have one of our professionally trained technicians come to your property and do a thorough test of the problems in your water.



Once we know the problems in your water and what quality you would like, we will give you all of your options with a straightforward price.



Now that you have picked the solution that is right for you, we will go ahead and get the system installed correctly the first time.



If for any reason there’s a problem with any of the work that we have performed, we will return and bring it up to your satisfaction.

Why Choose Knoxville Water Treatment?

We can list several great reasons why we should be the first water treatment service you call, but when it comes down to it; we know what we’re doing. Our staff members are always professional, we have great experience in the field, and we care about the people we work with. There’s nothing we enjoy more than bringing clean water to your home and ensuring it’s healthy for you and your family. If you take a moment to look at all the benefits of using pure and clean water, you won’t hesitate in giving us a call.

We Cover Both Commercial and Residential

It doesn’t matter if you want clean water for your business or your home, we can make it happen. Our expertise extend to both commercial and residential areas, no matter how big or how small the project.

Get Clean and Healthy Water Now

Don’t take the state of your water for granted. Just because it looks clean when you open the tap doesn’t mean there’s no danger. Your house or business might just be linked into a contaminated source, and you don’t want to put yourself or your family through these risks. Contact us for a quote right now and let us help you enjoy water the healthy way.

Knoxville Water Filters

How Filters Work.

Water filters are made to trap all elements which are harmful and allow only clean water to pass through. Water filters are made from a material that has very tiny holes which can even be smaller than a thousandth of a millimeter in diameter. These holes are big enough to allow water molecules to pass through but too small for viruses and bacteria to squeeze through. The type of material that is used to filter the water will depend on where the filtering is taking place.

Benefits of using Knoxville Water Filters.

1. Improves the taste of water. Simply removing chlorine from your water dramatically improves the taste of it. Using a water filter to remove chlorine and other chemicals, foul tastes and odors means your water will taste like it is meant to taste

2. Cheaper in the long term than bottled water. The cost of a decent water filter or water purifier can be significant – and even off-putting if you just look at the initial purchase.

3. More environmentally friendly to filter. Filtering your water is better for you and the environment than bottled water. The amount of landfill resulting from disposing of old filter cartridges is a fraction of that from disposing of used plastic bottles.

Knoxville Water Purification

What Everyone Should Know About the Water Purification Process

A complete water purification process involves a number of steps to remove the contaminants present in untreated water. While it is difficult to explain water purification in one short article, here is an outline of the various steps involved.

In years gone by, there was a natural water purification process. Rain entered the soil and was cleansed by it. After passing through layers of sand and porous rock the groundwater was clean. Springs and wells once contained water of the utmost in purity. Only open, still supplies had to be considered suspect.

In order to explain water purification, let’s look at what needs to be removed, in order to be considered pure. Since the ground has been polluted with chemicals both from heavy industry and agriculture, these chemicals have found their way into the groundwater and so they must be removed.

Bacteria, parasites, protozoa and other microorganisms found in open reservoirs, often cause by farm run-off and biological waste also require treatment. Removing them usually involves a process called disinfection using chlorine. So that is one step in the water purification process.

In order to explain water purification at the public utility level, it is easiest to think of it as a series of steps. Typically, the source is a lake. The water is cloudy, dirty and muddy. There may be leaves, branches, fish, algae and many other substances in it.

First, the lake-water is run through a wire screen that removes all of those large solids. In order to remove the smaller particles in the lake-water, one water purification process that may be used is called flocculation, which literally means, to make clear.

Chemicals are added to accomplish different tasks. Disinfection is one water purification process that can be accomplished through the use of chemicals. Most treatment facilities use this method.

Since ingesting chemicals is unsafe, the water purification process does not truly end until it enters your home and you run it through your own filtration unit. Else, it cannot really be considered pure.

Purity indicates healthy, but chlorine is very bad for your health. Any one of 2100 different cancer causing chemicals may come flowing through your tap. They have been found in the supplies of municipalities around the country.

Federal authorities have said that it does not matter how good the local water purification process is. They cannot guarantee the removal of cryptosporidium, a protozoon that can cause gastrointestinal illness and even death. They also say that testing for it is “unfeasible”, so there is no way to tell whether or not it is coming through your tap.

You really have to assume that it is and in order to block it you need a home water purification process that is certified to remove cysts. That is what the critters are called in the early stages of their lives.

Knoxville Water Softeners

Why choose Knoxville Water Softeners

Knoxville Water Softener is a professional company that ensures people get quality water for commercial and domestic use. We use modern methods to eliminate calcium and magnesium minerals associated with hard water. Our experts are committed and have the passion to provide high quality water purification services. In addition, they are well experienced and professionally trained. On the other hand, we offer the best water purification solutions that suit your household or company. In fact, we are able to eliminate all hard water problems like; bitter taste, chlorine odors, soap scum and stubborn residue.

Benefits of using Knoxville Water Softeners

First, the cost of your laundry products will be reduced since soap will lather up much easily. Secondly, the formation of soap curd will be completely eliminated. Thirdly, softening water system will help in reducing energy costs associated with heating hard water. Consequently; dish washers, clothing washers, coffee makers and coffee makers will use energy efficiently when you use hard water. In addition, soft water will ensure fabrics last longer and will make them much softer. Likewise, clothes will appear much brighter. Further; when one uses water that is treated with softeners, their hair will appear much softer and smooth.

Our services

Residential water treatment services

Residential water treatment comes with many benefits. We understand that water may be contaminated with harmful organisms that can cause serious health damage. Therefore, it is important to realize how beneficial it is to treat water. Further; through our dedicated team of experts, we ensure that minerals that may cause serious bodily harm to human are eliminated. In fact, we will help you clean your water purification system regularly. We use an effective water softener that will help to filter out harmful and toxic substances.

Commercial water treatment services

Today, industries require heavy use of water. Through our competent team, we ensure water in commercial spaces is safe to be used by employees by eliminating harmful bacteria. For instance, if you are operating a restaurant, you will require safe water .We ensure that restaurants maintain high level of sanitation to improve their overall image. Consequently, purified water will improve the flavor of water-based beverages.

Today, most people usually experience problems in getting soap to lather up when doing their laundry. On the other hand, some experience itchy dry skin. However, you don’t have to worry anymore since; our professional experts will ensure your hard water effects are eliminated. Contact Knoxville Water Softener today, to start enjoying the benefits of fresh clean water.

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