Waterworks is not just a piece of the Monopoly game board, but an actual industry that is quite complex. Water is a beloved topic to many because of its mysterious, but ever-present influence in our lives. Our bodies are made up of around 60% water and our hearts and brains, closer to 75%. Water will always be a highly studied subject and it’s for that reason, we’ve decided to compile this list of resources for anyone as in love with water as we are! Here are 8 water blogs and resources in the waterworks industry, and why you should check them out.

WEF WaterBlog – The Water Environment Federation

This WaterBlog is one of the greater resources of water information because it features interviews and information from water quality experts on the latest news, and ideas in the waterworks industry, while other blogs might focus on one or two specific water topics.

Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment

Another great resource for an abundance of scholarly information on all things water treatment, The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) is at the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences at Fleming College, a research institution that’s committed to excellent research and education production and presentation. The organization is head by a number of scientists, faculty researchers, and technologists, as well as other members of academic, industrial, and private organizations.

Drink Tap – American Water Works Association

Drink Tap is a resource written by the very organization who set the guidelines for waterworks standards. The AWWA was established in 1181 and is the oldest, largest non-profit dedicated to safe and sustainable water practices. They’ve been responsible for many advancements of public health safety by uniting the community about important water topics.

Water Main Break Clock – Unibell (PVC) Pipe Manufacturer

Each day, 850 water mains break in North America. This site features a clock that shows you how many have occurred today alone! Corrosion, leaks, and water main breaks are responsible for the degradation of our water delivery and sewage treatment efficiency, so this topic is important, too. – Water and Sanitation Advocates

Founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, is a non-profit dedicated to clean water and solving sanitation problems around the world. This organization has put pressure on the water industry to form new solutions, it’s financed these solutions, and emphasizes transparency and partnerships to further this movement. They hope that one day ALL people will have safe drinking water and the use of toilets.

Pump Aid – Water Treatment Pumps in Africa

Pump Aid is an organization that funds and installs water treatment pumps in Africa, to remove waste from existing water lines and provide the residents with cleaner water. Pump Aid is well-known for its “Elephant Pump”, named for its shape because it resembles a trunk and ears. Over 7,600 Elephant Pumps have been installed in Africa where residents once suffered from a lack of water.

Water World – News/Magazine Style Information Output

Water World is an easier read for water and wastewater info. Its website is an impressive online news platform that many engineers, managers, and constultants frequent for the most up to date, trending information on water and wastewater worldwide.

Water Chat – Water Strategist – Another Online Water News Source

The Water Strategist is another valuable news source for anyone working in or who is interested in the topic of water conservation, treatment, and waste solutions because it’s considered a community that is partnered with over 250 other organizations who contribute to the database that provides the latest news releases.