Some people just cannot stand to swim in heavily chlorinated pools and want more options for safer and more pleasant swimming pools. If you’ve adopted a pool by purchasing a house that has an existing one, you might consider changing systems if heavy chlorine in drinking water or pool water bothers you. Here are the two most popular options compared, chlorine pools versus saltwater pools.

Saltwater Pool Water

Salt is a natural cleaning agent, that through a natural process produces its own chlorine over time. The result is a more natural, pleasant, and cost effective pool experience. The way it works is a certain water to salt ratio must be maintained. The water needs to be tested regularly and salt added as needed. For an example, if it rains the ratio will be off and more salt will need to be added. In the long run, saltwater pools cost less to maintain. They do require a saltwater system to be installed, which might cost you more initially but compared to a chlorine system and maintenance, will pay for itself over a 2-3 year period. If you already have a saltwater system, then you only pay more upfront than a chlorinated pool for the amount of salt added to the pool as a base, but again, in the long run, adding salt through the season will cost you must less than the alternative. A pool season for a saltwater pool could cost you 20.0-30.00 to maintain and a chlorine pool, 50.00-60.00. One of the only disadvantages of the saltwater pool is that if a contaminate did effect your pool, your chlorinated pool can be fixed up within 24-48 hours and the saltwater pool could take up to 4-5 days. Otherwise the pros and cons are comparable and should be matched to your preference.

Chlorinated Pool Water

The one benefit that overrides the benefits of saltwater pools is the fact that it does kill bacteria and germs more efficiently than saltwater, but that’s because it works faster and is made of harsher chemicals that bacteria find it hard to live in. Chlorine can damage your skin, hair, and fade clothing and bathing suits much quicker than a saltwater pool would. It has an unpleasant taste and smell when compared to the saltwater pool. One factor to consider when deciding which pool system is best for you is how often you will use and maintain the pool. If you will religiously test the pool water, you might have the commitment it will require of a saltwater system to keep unwanted bacteria out by keeping the salt and water ratio even. The saltwater pool requires less maintenance, but if the less maintenance is not kept up can turn into days upon days with an out of commission pool. If you will be in the pool frequently for sport or exercise you might want to choose the saltwater pool for the benefits of your skin, hair, and swimwear. But if the pool is for luxury and fun, pool parties here and there, you might benefit from a chlorinated pool. It’s best you weigh the options against you and your family’s lifestyles.