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Healthy Water: Pros vs Cons of Different Types of Water

There are many types of water with various options on their purities and properties, but healthy water becomes hard to define. There are some who prefer plain tap water, bottled water, or alkaline water, yet what are the facts, really? We’ll tell you the pros and cons based on the different types of waters. DO YOU […]


Hard Water: How to Test in Aquariums

If you wanted to take care of aquarium fish that aren’t for beginners, you should consider water hardness. There are species who can’t survive in a climate that’s unlike their native waters. You should test their hard water to make sure they have a happy home. Hard Water: What is It? The concept of hard […]

Top 5 Most Expensive Water Bottle Brands

The most expensive water in the world contains hefty price tags due to their unique water bottle designs, gem use, and water from exotic locales. A strong aspect of these waters also contains the addition of water filters and mineral additions. If you drink these waters, you’ll find it surprising that they each have a […]

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Common Steps in Community Water Treatment

While the United States of America contains some of the safest drinking water in the world, our consumers should know the process behind community water treatment. These sites mostly provide surface water treatment. If you need specialized work, you should consider buying a unique water filter for your home or business. The more you understand can help […]