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Basic Water Treatment

One of the things we take for granted nearly every day is clean drinking water. When we are looking for a new home or business building, we automatically assume that it will have clean, running water. While this is not faulty thinking, have you ever wondered where your water comes from and how it is processed to […]

Drinking Water Contaminants

Nothing is more refreshing after a strenuous work-out than drinking water. Although water is probably the most beneficial beverage on the planet, it can also carry significant health risks for the unwary drinker. What are drinking water contaminants? Drinking water can contain millions of unexpected and unwanted particulates, compounds or even living organisms. The Safe […]

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Salt Bridge DIY Repair

Salt Bridge. Sounds like a magical structure in a fairy tale land, doesn’t it? But here in the REAL world it is a big problem for homeowners if left untreated. What is a salt bridge? A salt bridge is what happens when a crust-like structure forms in the brine tank of an ion exchange-based water […]

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Water Softeners Part 3 Installation

Time to install a water softener? Scale build-up? Bad taste & odor in water? Stains on sinks, tubs, & laundry? More scrubbing to get mineral deposits off faucets & shower heads? If you’re experiencing any of these problems it’s time to get  your water tested.  A water softener system is the most cost-effective way to […]

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