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The Importance of Consuming Water

You’ve heard about the importance of consuming water because you are mostly made up of water, but it’s always great to have a reminder to get us back on track to hydration and its benefits. Here is a thorough recap on why you should drink adequate amounts of water daily and its importance to the […]

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Water Testing 101

Water testing is recommended for well owners, if the water changes in taste, appearance, or odor, once if you’ve moved into a new home or area of the city, if the septic system has recently malfunctioned or some other circumstances that would cause you to worry about contamination, recurring gastrointestinal illness in the family/residents of […]

A New, Memorable Holiday Tradition: Infused Water

Eggnog, alcohol, hot chocolate, spiced cider; these are the usual holiday drinks we provide our guests to make them feel festive. Why not try something different? Something that hydrates your guests of all ages and can serve as a decorative table centerpiece? I’m talking about infused water! Infused water has also been known to be […]


Best Easter Egg Fillers 2017

1. Candy Putting candy in the plastic Easter eggs for a hunt or as game prizes is a no-brainer, but to accommodate those with allergies and sensitivities, look for candy options that are gluten-, dairy-, and peanut-free. 2. Temporary Tattoos Children love temporary tattoos and this filler is a really affordable option that will keep […]

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Medical Waste in Our Water!?

Many terms are interchangeable with medical waste, including infectious waste and health care waste. Medical waste is created from the process of diagnosis and treatment of or the immunization of people and animals. It is considered infectious waste when the waste itself is contaminated with an infectious disease that can be transmitted from being in […]

What Is Fracking? Why You Should Care

What Is Fracking? Fracking is the process of drilling a hole deep into the earth before sending a high pressure powered mixture directed at the rock beneath with the goal of releasing a stream of valuable gas and/or oil. There are benefits to this manipulation of earth, and there are also consequences. It’s an important […]

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A municipal water disaster can present itself without warning. The potential for adverse health effects can be great. Contact your city’s municipal water department for the latest report on the safety and quality of your water. The following are examples of water disasters that took the residents of these cities by surprise. Most recently the […]

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Water Softening 101

Water softening is the process of dealing with a hard water issue. “Hard water” is the term used when your water contains more minerals than is usual. Hard water is usually made noticeable by the way your shampoos and soaps do not dissolve in the water. This is because of the calcium and magnesium content. […]